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Informação GEO TRACKER

MensagemEnviado: Quarta Jan 21, 2009 1:26 pm
por Fonseca
The Tracker was originally powered by Suzuki's G16A 1.6L 8V SOHC 4-cylinder engine producing 80hp. In 1992 the Geo marque was brought to Canada so the Chevrolet Tracker became the Geo Tracker there as well. Also in 1992, the GMC Tracker became the Asüna Sunrunner and then in 1995 with the demise of Asüna became the Pontiac Sunrunner, discontinued in 1998. Although Suzuki started importing Sidekick 4-doors in 1991 CAMI didn't start producing them until the 1996 model year, when America got a 4 door Geo Tracker, now powered by Suzuki's G16B 16 valve 1.6L boasting 96hp. In 1998 the Geo nameplate was merged back into Chevrolet and all Geo Models including the Tracker were rebadged as Chevrolet in 1998.

Pode ser que ajude.......se são 8 ou 16 valvulas.